Changes, Bending and Surrendering

There have been some changes in The Bakers Daughter lately, can she tell you about them?

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The Bakers Daughter had an experience that literally changed the course of her life and made her who she is today. Let her start with how she thought at one time. The Bakers Daughter used to think God did not care about her but, The Bakers Daughter now feels much more settled about those feelings. There was a time when The Bakers Daughter thought God did not exist. she thought of herself as useless, unwanted, used and an abused individual. Although, all these things had taken place throughout The Bakers Daughter life they were mostly due to the influences of others.

Bending Over Backwards

The Bakers Daughter was going through life wanting happiness, bending over backwards for others and while The Bakers Daughter filled their wants needs and desires her needs were not being filled, which left her feeling used, abused, dirty and ashamed. After all these events took place, The Bakers Daughter had to repent and surrender her life to God.

This is what it looks like when you fully surrender

The Bakers Daughter turned to God and gave him everything and she stopped pursuing everything on her own. The Bakers Daughter cried out to God telling Him I am yours use me, fill me, complete me and deliver me what you feel I deserve when you feel the timing is right, not what’s on my agenda. The Bakers Daughter gave God the steering wheel and allowed him to steer. She let go of everything, she thanked him for where she was.

The Bakers Daughter enjoyed and loved what she had at the moment even if it wasn’t much. The most important thing was that The Bakers Daughter was able to focus on her children. The Bakers Daughter now sees Jesus as her father that she can go to any time of the day or night. When she had this change happen to her, she started to spend more time in His word. Since then, she has learned that she can lean into him, versus others.


Winging GRACE.  This is how I feel sometimes.  I try to follow a plan.  I try to be organized. I try to accomplish things every day. But at the end of most days, I feel like I struggled. Like I didn’t do anything that I wanted to.  Like I failed.  Like I am just WINGING IT… but then I remember something.  I am guided and have direction, by GRACE.  There is method to my madness, by GRACE.  No matter my struggles, I am actually winning, by GRACE.  I made it through another day.  I can do this…by GRACE.

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So the time has come to venture into the world of blogging.  Scary, thrilling and exciting all at once. Starting a blog is something I have always wanted to do.  I love to write and I LOVE social media and the internet. I realize this doesn’t mean I’ll be any good at…

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4 responses to “Changes, Bending and Surrendering”

  1. So beautifully written and yes surrendering to the one who knows us and is our father is the best there is nothing more.??????

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  2. Lovey post, that’s for sharing.

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  3. Danny Upchurch Avatar
    Danny Upchurch

    I’ve been thinking of writing a blog, I do anyway, every ni GH ht I type my thoughts on Word and save the I just don’t post. It helps me see areas where I’ve grown and more importantly, where I need to grow as a Believer I Christ. I look forward to reading yours. I like what I read if yours, alw as ys gets me thinking.

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    1. May I encourage you to start a blog, or at least share via my blog with your thoughts, etc. we are all about working in unity for the Kingdom of God Have a blessed day.


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