Juvenile Hall

Sacramento Juvenile Hall

The day The Bakers Daughter went into mentor at the Sacramento Juvenile hall was on a Saturday, it was our normal day to mentor but, it was not any ordinary day.

Prior to going into the juvenile hall, The Bakers Daughter received a phone call. The program coordinator asked that she get the girls set-up and that she should share her testimony.

The Bakers Daughter planned on being at the Sacramento Juvenile Hall for only one hour. But, God had bigger plans.

When The Bakers Daughter finally got through all the locked doors and walked the various corridors she finally arrived at the girls’ unit. There ready in attendance were around 15 girls and she only recognized three of the girls from the week prior.

Juvenile Prayer Request

Who knew a juvenile prayer request would mean everything to her on this particular day. This juvenile wanted to meet with The Bakers Daughter in private. This juvenile said, “The Baker Daughter was an answer to her prayers.” This juvenile had only been at the juvenile hall for a couple of days.

This juvenile sought out an officer to request an appointment with The Bakers Daughter. In order to meet one on one this juvenile had to complete an application prior to us meeting up.

An officer asked the rest of the girls if they wanted to complete a mentor application, much to my surprise they all completed the application accept for two of them.

Lunch Break

It was lunch time for the girls. The Bakers Daughter had not planned to stay longer than the 1 hour. Which required that she go and grab lunch and return an hour later.

When The Bakers Daughter returned an hour later, she met up with this juvenile juvenile. As we got to know one another the juvenile said, “I am sorry if I get emotional, but I need to share with you what happened to me and why I requested to speak with you.” This juvenile said, “I prayed beforehand and asked God to show me a sign, then, you spoke.” God showed me “you” as I listened to your story.

The juvenile asked if it was okay for her grandma to call me. I responded with well of course she can call me.

Parents Bad Choices

You see…this juvenile’s parents were not allowed to be in her life. The parents had made some pretty bad choices which prevented them from seeing their juvenile.

The grandma had always been part of this juvenile’s life. This juvenile told me that her and her grandma stopped going to church because, her grandma had become ill.

This juvenile got caught up with a boy, the girl shared that this boy believes in God too. The boy was being held responsible for obtaining money doing illegal things. He too shared with me in a different setting that it is all because of his home life. This boy is going to be a father to this little juvenile’s baby.

God shows up more after our private conversation. As I was requesting to meet with the father of the unborn baby. The juvenile went back to wait for an officer to pat her down. Prior to the juvenile going back into general population a volunteer came in that this juvenile happened to know. This volunteer was the principle at her school, so they chatted for a couple of minutes.

The Juvenile Followed Through On Her Word

The juvenile followed through on her word. It was about three days later that The Baker Daughter received a phone call from the juvenile grandma. The grandma and I spoke for some time. The grandma said, she knows her granddaughter will be released and her and her granddaughter will be going back to church.

I explained to the grandma that when she gets out I can mentor her further but, only with her approval. Lets just say she was ecstatic and said, yes, yes, yes that would be wonderful.

I also advised the grandma about listening to a podcast, sermons on-line, if she is unable to attend church. She said, I will but, we are finding a way to get back to church. The grandma said, “because she needs to be back in and at the bible studies. She also said, I know my granddaughter has learned her lesson.


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