Work Poem

woman sitting in front of macbook

Work from home oh what a joy or is it a boar to make me go to the floor

Listening to Christian music oh boy

Hearing God’s prompting and stopping,

Being, listening as my head is pouncing

Getting to my knees, shedding pleas as the tears flow uncontrollably


Reflecting; people, roles and God’s role in all this

Thinking of those who pour their hearts out for those in need who plead

They say I trust easily and isn’t that what we are supposed to do

I was born with a heart to feed and to weed

Hands to use, feet to flee, ears to hear and eyes to see


Why do those use abuse and misuse?

So what does my resignation say

Especially when it comes to all you’ve endured,

Your heart is torn to a million pieces, its still pumping

Here and now to build ourselves up all over again

serious black man with ball for ping pong
Photo by Muhammad-taha Ibrahim on

Work Pong

Do you ever feel like you are their ping pong

Do this, then, don’t do this, or else

oh well, you can’t be everywhere and do everything

Work Goodbye

Does this even apply when it comes to my goodbye

Expectations lead to work devistation


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