Mentor Gods Lost Children

person wearing high top sneakers

As we mentor Gods lost children what essential tools are needed when it comes to reaching out to the homeless who are living on the streets. 

These children consist of all ages and stages. Most of these children are on drugs of some sort, they have given up on life. Why? Because, they feel lost, unloved, unwanted, used and abused. 

Will you go out and bring light into their darkness and listen to their horrific stories?

Requirements needed to mentor Gods lost children;

  • Listening Ears – mentoring Gods lost children requires having listening ears.
  • Speak Life – we are to speak into their lives and as positive role models.
  • Do Life – Be a person of your word.  Do what you say you will do, especially when others are counting on you. 
  • Understand Others – You won’t always understand others, especially when people say they believe but it doesn’t line up with how they live.
  • Have Grace & Compassion – Always give grace and respond with compassion. 
  • Control Emotions – Emotions are good but, they have their place.
  • Have Faith – God’s love may not make sense at this time in their life, but, have faith.  Remember, how long it took for you to surrender to Him.
  • Committment- Reaching out to Gods lost children consists of daily and weekly occurrences.
  • Converse – Having conversations as you go out and about in your daily lives.

Some of my blog posts are a summation of current events or opportunities that came about in a way to share the love of Jesus. I hope you will help bring light into someone elses darkness.

There are so many opportunities in our lives to share the gospel. All we do is for the Kingdom of God. Will you join in and spread His word?

Many would-be leaders never get the opportunity to enjoy their passion – not because of a lack of competence, but because of a lack of character. God uses mentorship to refine raw tendencies, allowing emerging leaders to better understand their passion. 

They are in need of hope and inspiration.

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