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The purpose of this blog post is to share what happened to me at my bakery. One day when I was all alone at my bakery something caused me to end up on the ground thrashing about, crying and shaking uncontrollably.

Eventually, my spouse came into my bakery to find me on the ground. My spouse took me in the car to the emergency room. The doctors and nurses evaluated me for some time and later released me because, they couldn’t find anything wrong with me.

crime scene do not cross signage
Photo by kat wilcox on Pexels.com

Purpose of Sharing

I hope you understand why I shared that and the cause for this event to take place was getting me ready for something I wasn’t prepared to experience.

Through my writings I hope to give you a new perspective when it comes to our purpose in life. My writings will reflect that I am not perfect nor are my family members. I will go back in time but, not too far back because, my pursuit to justice took place during this particular time, it was a time of so much uncertainty. God was getting me ready for what was about to happen that turned our lives upside down.

Remember: Our mistakes do not define us!

When it comes to my understanding my purpose, I must learn the key ingredient in all this.

We must find hope and inspiration in everything.

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