What I Kept Locked Up

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What I kept locked up was opposite to the door being opened at the bakery. When I choose to not keep myself locked up meant I was about to make a choice that could cost me my life.

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I made a choice and that choice was based on the heat of the moment and my ability to rely on others to be there for me, to defend and protect me or so I thought.

It was at the peak of the summer where the heat was overwhelming to say the least. I decided it was time to let the heat out and the cool breeze of the night come in to cool me off.

In this situation it was my choice to not be kept locked up. I went to the back of the bakery. I opened the door and looked outside nothing was out there, so I propped the door open. This allowed the air to escape through a screen door separating the outdoors from the indoors.

When I opened the back door of the bakery I put myself in a vulnerable situation by doing such.

The Younger Years What I Kept Locked Up

At a young age I didn’t open the door. I was young and naive. I trusted because, I didn’t know I shouldn’t especially, when it came to others and their motives. Over a course of time I continued to play outdoors with all my friends.

How To Change My World

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As a young child I was always conjuring up ideas on how to change my world. I dreamed of escaping to the Neverlands much like Peter Pan, I dreamed of having a tree house. I loved nature so much I would flee to our small little forest all to escape my life of responsibilities. I’ve progressed quite a bit since then.

I’m now formulating my life experiences  as  a daughter of a baker via this blog. I will have more complex stories to share. It is my hope that you too will share your story.

It was around age seven when I played outside with all the neighborhood kids. There’s nothing odd or strange about that even to this day. I played with these kids all the time.

What would make this time any different? The time and day is unknown to this day. But, that does not really matter at this point. This was the day I followed these kids up and into a parked van. I recall only so much, I remember undressing, being touched and lights flashing. Sometime had passed when I heard my mom frantically yelling for me yet, I couldn’t respond. Eventually, when I was released, I returned home. I was asked why I did not come when called? Needless to say, I didn’t say why or shared what transpired. I did have to pay the consequences of being disobedient.

What is a little girl to do when it comes to a horrific event? Speak up!


Many would be leaders never get the opportunity to mentor others. Mentoring is my way, my passion. Its not because, of a lack of competence or a lack of character but, having a listening ear.

God provided biblical format within families to ensure that they have faith in the living God for their will to be passed from generation to generation. However, these relationships are often lacking in today’s society.


Mentoring is a way of raising a mature Christian disciple within the body of Christ. Jesus imparted knowledge and values through His Word and His actions He showed the disciples the values of the kingdom of God are much different from the values of the world. He taught the disciples to be servants. Jesus showed them the behavior he wanted them to copy by first doing it himself. Jesus sent the disciples out to do ministry after they had spent time with him. He wanted them to practice doing what he had shown them.

Even though the term mentor is not in the Bible there are many instances of someone who is wiser and more experienced in the ways of the Lord. Acting as a mentor to someone younger or even with a new believer.

Remember that God catches his fish first. Then, He cleans them.

Therefore we must minister to people where they are spiritually rather than expecting them to come to where we are. People may profess to be born again. They may have habits attitudes and viewpoints that are very worldly. It is vitally important for mentor’s to model biblical principles for their mentee.

Provide an example of how God wants us to live and demonstrate Christianity….

It’s not to say, “I’m here to fix you.” Our primary purpose is to direct each person toward positive values, attitudes and behaviors. Set goals, set the pace and set the ground rules for the relationship. Let there be less problem oriented people. Focus on fixing deficiencies in the person’s attitude.

My Hope Is To Not Be Locked Up

It is my hope to keep your attention, engage you and share things with you which will make me vulnerable to your scrutiny.

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